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Career prospects

Healthcare organizations are increasingly searching for leaders who can navigate the evolving system and understand technology, organizational dynamics, and those who can create new models of care. The MHI program will prepare leaders to engage in creating and driving the future direction of healthcare from any position within an organization from direct care to manager, director, and top leadership (‘C-suite’) positions. Healthcare employers are looking for leaders who are able to translate technology into practice, engage the frontline bedside workers in change, and challenge the status quo in order to move organizations forward under healthcare reform and the shift from volume to value.  Students who may be interested in this program can come from various backgrounds and positions in healthcare or have a passion to advance healthcare policy and practice through value added change to an organization. 


Graduates of the MHI program will be prepared for a variety of leadership roles and will possess skills that will hold value to any leadership position seeking strong communication, outcomes orientation, systems integration and creativity.  Examples of positions that MHI graduates will be prepared for include: healthcare consultants, innovation leads, project managers, advisors to healthcare device manufacturers, product research and development, healthcare technology positions, and other roles in which technology, leadership, and innovation intersect.